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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On Divine Right and Being Right

What does actual Divine Right mean? Look like? Who has it and how did they get it?

Very good question when you have a whole group of people who have somehow developed an opinion of themselves as being more intelligent than the rest of us poor sods (religious zealots and mostly dark skinned people) i.e. the Americans, Europeans, White People, Those people. Those people are indeed a fabulous bunch of individuals overall and have invented things, have developed well oiled machinery called "societies" and overall, have much better hygeine than the oppressed and impoverished are able to enjoy. It isn't hard to imagine how "they" got the idea in their head that they were somehow a "superior race". To make matters worse, some of the best people in those same social frameworks do have a sense of morality, ethics and global citizenship.

But.....are they capable of leading this often cited term: The New World Order? Who selected them to do this?

Darwin? Um...they (even the good members of Western society subconsciously believe this (i.e. the Myth of Natural Selection in which nature plays the role of God/Allah and is quite cruel and unthinking) and their efforts (good and bad) they attribute to their highly developed sense of their own goodness aka superiority i.e. it is in their collective conscious and cannot be ignored) seem to think so even though Darwin was simply a man with an opinion. Just an ordinary person with a partially good idea and it was partial. He knew nothing of genetics or the fact that genetics dictate not only adaptation but they pre-empt claims to actual "evolution". There is no such thing as evolution because if there was such a thing it would "pre-exist" in DNA and be empirically observable as "remnants" of the "revision" (known as evolutions).

So who gets Divine Right and how does one know what that actually looks like? History tells us that there have been numerous such claims to "Divine Right". To this day, a monarch sits in Buckingham Palace yet we ignore it as just the fantasy of the nostalgic British. And they pay dearly (in cold hard cash) to support this thing called Divine Right. Suffice it to say, with a history so full of such claimants to the "prize" called Divine Right, it is nearly impossible for a non-muslim individual to actually begin to understand the actual possessor of Divine Right and what that entails. This is largely due to the abuse of "Divine Right" as a man-made type of thing called monarchy, aristocracy, plutocracy, etc.

Of course, I am talking about the Ruler of the worlds and what has become to be known as that Ruler's "emmisaries". Let's call those people prophets instead of kings noting that in some circles the terms are interchangable (i.e. the Christians refer to Jesus Christ (SA) as "The King of Peace"). I assure you though that he was not a King, he was a prophet. And if you will, let us call the Divine Ruler Allah and imagine Allah to sit upon this much scoffed at "eternal throne" (per his own description of his status). "His" is used for lack of a better word to indicate the antecedent but note, Allah is 'gender free' and we do not have words to express the actual characteristics of the Creator.

I would like to interject here, my opinion about myself (as a model of a believer/fanatic/whatever) and evaluate that opinion in terms of what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the belief "non believers" have about us Religious Zealots (of whatever persuasion). Yes....we or at least I, am well aware that to most people I appear to have no clue as to what their opinion is of me. In fact, the exact opposite is true. I know exactly what they think. It is they who do not know what I think. That makes me a teacher of relatively ignorant students. As a teacher or lets be semantic about it, a "professor" (in the land where teaching is not indoctrination but actual professing to believe in something). What good would it be to have teacher who does not actually believe in what they are teaching? Rest assured however that I completely understand how "out there" my opinions must seem to those who live in ignorance of actual religion, monotheism and specifically, Islam. I've suffered much derision due to the ignorance of others and muslims have shed blood because it. It is OUR clear reality even if it is not clear to nonmuslims.

Islam is the final part of the trilogy and the last word. There is no other sacred text in which the Creator ever said "I'm done now" except for the Quran. There could be any number of sacred texts (from the Vedas to the I Ching) but not a single one of them reveals that the author was in fact finished. Only the Quran says this and only the last prophet said that he himself was to be the last prophet ever designated to such a lofty HUMAN post.

Where does that leave the rest however? The Christians, the Jews, the Pagans, etc?

Not really my problem to be honest but to be fair, I do not envy them in their position. As for most "new" Christian sects like the Amish and Mormons, they actually follow a sacred text (the Old Testament) that they have adapted to fit their own ends. This fact is clear upon reading those texts like "The Book of Mormon" written by John Smith, the progenitor of the sect called Mormon. Therefore, these are merely more sects developed from the Christian sect where the Christian sect itself was not "authorized" either as a "distinct" religion from the one religion/philosophy of the creator (Islam, Hanifism, Monotheism rooted in the Abrahamic/Noahide traditions which are in turn sprouts from the most basic of ancestors (all human beings), the religion taught to Adam and Eve by the Creator before the "fall" into this curious reality we call life. Life which is a suspended state of being in which light and time form a construct that is visible to the given human senses (five).

Recently I was in conversation with an extremely intelligent man. Not really what you'd call a "fanatical" muslim...more what "one of you" would call, a "moderate". He was attempting to relate to me that he believes all other religions deserve to be heard, tolerated, etc. I looked at him and said, "But we are right Mohamed." He appeared to be quite shocked at this. How on earth could a muslim say such a thing? Yet....he knew I was right. We have (as muslims) a really rough road to traipse in this matter. How do you deal with the ignorant without alienating them to the cause?

We can't. It is as simple as that and a "fanatic" (me) has to choose one thing or the other: Go along with what non muslims say (and further their ignorance via failure to address their misconceptions) or stand up to it and refuse to back down.

In other words, INSIST that we are right. Afterall, no one ever won a battle by insisting that they were wrong you know. And there is a battle going on in the world whether "you" like it or not. "You" being anything from a good Catholic to a staunch ideological Athiest. Anything from the nicest of persons to the vilest of criminals. "You" are all in the same boat it seems. Perhaps that is why the Quran harps on about the "Ark" of Noah (Nuh, SA). You are either on this boat or you are is a "you are with us or against us" type of thing.

It is however not a secret to muslims be they like me (a so-called 'fanatic') or like him (Mohamed, a so-called 'moderate')...that there is "no coercion" in religion. There just isn't and there is no such thing as a man made "Divine Right". It is, IN FACT, a contradiction of terms. Divine Right IS DIVINE. It isn't man made and it cannot be stolen nor can it be claimed as a prize or as booty of war. It is designated and owned by the Divine Ruler and the authority stemming from it is bequeathed by that ruler whom we muslims call "Allah" (because Allah told us Allah's name) and most other people call "God". Ironically, even the Divine Right itself is non-negotiable to those in possession of it. In other words, those who received it didn't ask for it but they knew they had a duty to protect it. They are known as the Shi'i and specifically, the Twelve designated custodians of the Quran and its historical contexts and tangents. They are basically long dead scholars.

Back to history though because we are making it. Humans tend to view history as a paradigm but not one that they have anything to do with. As if they are not themselves constructing their own parables of existence that might one day in the distant future be read as cautionary tales or as educational texts on "how not to repeat" history itself. This is no doubt why we muslims were instructed to worship Allah as if Allah is very near. Not inside but not outside either. We are taught to observe Allah by observing Allah's rules, the wonder of creation (as Allah's "manifestations" and the only way to "see" Allah is via his creation) and to never let our guard down. Not for one minute. And that is exactly what non muslims (and a large number of muslims too) are guilty of. Letting their guard down. Allowing themselves to construct fallacies and fantasies. Allowing themselves to take this world for "granted". Allowing ourselves to enjoy riches while so many are enjoying immense poverty, frustration, oppression and despair. And mind you, no muslim will tell you that we can eradicate those problems because we know that those problems are man made, not heaven sent. The only problems that are heaven sent are natural disasters and that is why EVEN insurance companies oftentimes do not cover what they call "Acts of God" i.e. it is an actual legal term (which reflect actual "divine" law and its consequences). These events are "sent" via the outcomes of the design itself and known/described by the designer due to his (Allah's) relationship to his own creation. Say this to a non believer however and they'll swear you are insane. They are so out of touch but I guess now that Global Warming is indeed upon us they better get on the ball and figure out that it does no one any good if only North America and Europe practice better environmental hygeine.

Non muslims, generally speaking, have grown so incompetent in these details that they don't even realize how much a part of their everyday lives the "language" of Allah actually is. And it is. Because the laws of Allah are naturally derivitives of the creation itself. How on earth do non muslims think it can be otherwise? I mean it is understandable that Athiest don't "get it" but how is it that humans who "say" they believe in "God" cannot recognize that there is only one Creator (if there were "many" then they would be at war with one another ala the Greek sanctimonies). Therefore, that one Creator only has one philosophy and it saturates everything that (sic) was created. The laws of that creation are both unwritten and written and are exactly IDENTICAL to one another. This is why there are "good people" in the world who are not anything close to being muslim and in fact, some Athiests are mighty damn fine people. "They" heard or understood the quality of the creation that is unwritten and silently agreed upon by every living soul. Every single one as much as evil is agreed upon by those whose inner inclinations are "towards" goodness or "towards" evil. A natural polarity and a kind of quarantine that separates the good from the evil people in the world.

What people (all of them) don't agree upon is Divine Right. Geez, most kids don't even listen to their parents anymore let alone "God". Even those who agree on what constitutes an "evil" act or a good one do not realize that they actually believe themselves to somehow be in possession of Divine Guidance merely because they don't murder, rape, pillage, smoke, drink, cuss, pick their nose or some other variable measure of "human goodness".

They could not be more wrong. Divine Right and the Right to be Right is assigned to certain people. It was given to them long ago. It is an actual human history and it is the underlying cause of ALL wars be they in Afghanistan or in Argentina. Be they wars of Social Democrats against Right Wingnut Fascists. Be they wars within an individual's mind.

Allah's statement about the whole issue and ruling is simply this:

"You" (the reader) will follow me WILLINGLY or UNWILLINGLY. In reality, we muslims have nothing to do with forcing anyone into our way of life or thinking. We muslims are simply people who do it (worship Allah) willingly. Non muslims are those who do it unwillingly but they do it all the same. How so? Via the consequences which do not vary and they do not comprehend our labels because they are "consequences" and not people. Consequences do not selectively choose not to punish muslims either. There is no 'get out of jail free card' to be had by anyone. The Quran points this out quite clearly when it says, "Do not look for ONE catastrophe, look for MANY". The "good old days" when Allah used to select one "model" community to make a point (and evacuate the virtuous prior to the catastrophe) are long over. Allah had the last session and it is called the Quran and it does not pretend to be "otherwise". It does not pretend to be "in competition" with any other 'philosophical' method. Imagine Allah debating with himself about his treatise on Buddhism. That would be not only ridiculous but outrageous. Even more outrageous than a man who is God questioning his own self when he was being crucified by saying, "Father, why have you forsaken me?" How on earth could "God" forsake himself? Ought to be obvious but amazingly enough...there are more Catholics and Christians than muslims to this day.

To make a long essay longer, to get to the point now. When Allah made his last proclamations, selected his last emmissary to the planet...he did one more thing.

He appointed a person who was to lead the religion until the end of "our" paradigm.

He chose an Imam at a place called Ghadeer and then said, "Now, I have perfected your religion for you." What did he mean? Did he mean he only perfected "Islam"?

Absolutely not. "Perfection" is not a quality of "parts". It is a quality that can only be assigned to a "whole". He perfected the whole darn process right down to the last detail of removing the "wild cards" called "prophets" and instead, appointed a human being to be the arbiter of a relatively unwieldy thing: the future of mankind without giving him the "wild card" which is the ability to defy logic by predicting the future and the ability to perform miracles. Allah clarified everything (in the Quran) that came before from the Vedas to Las Caux all the way into the future to include the last map of the genome because naturally, Allah knows all about this and all about the future. Furthermore, Allah stated that clearly when Allah openly related that the Quran would not be followed by anything else. It would suffice for the entire future i.e. for "all time". I have little doubt (none really) that in the future, the FUTURE, will prove to be even more detectable in the Quran than it already is. We just don't know it yet because we have more things about our planet yet to discover. About ourselves and about the cost of the shattering changes that are upon us all right now. And they are. They most definitely are.

And what else would you think a "Divine Right" is supposed to be about? It isn't about oil companies or Uninted Nations courtrooms. It is about mankind itself and how to recognize FACT from FICTION.

And this is the Key to Iraq.

And yes, this is all far worse than Vietnam. It is worse than twenty thousand such things.

A few things about the Sermon of Ghadeer in which actual Divine Right was established:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On Being Something Certain
versus "something else":

In the post below, I hope to encourage non muslims to understand the Quran as a very deep reckoning with historical religious facts that have been obscured by the two parties who have known of this information all along but have hidden it. They fear the day that the truth about them will be revealed and that is why they make war on Muslims worldwide.

People who have not read the Quran or who simply do not believe in "God" have a very hard time (for athiests it is impossible) understanding that the Quran is not just an ordinary book. It was revealed in a context. Most of Islam is not even in the Quran but in what is called "Al-Sunna" of the prophet which contains the "methodology" of praying, fasting, pilgrammage, etc.

The problem with non muslim religious practice is that they have ALL forgotten the Al- SUNNA (of their OWN beloved prophets/teachers). I assure you, Jesus Christ (Isa, A.S.) did not partake of his own body i.e. "The Eucharist" and did not proclaim himself as a "God". This would make him an apostate and heretic. not to mention, an "auto-cannibalistic practicioner". In essence, the entire practice of "modern" Christianity is based on a profound lie which basically relegated their own beloved prophet a unique kind of "paganistic" symbol and worse yet, he is worshiped as a statue of a man in his skivvies, nailed to a cross and bleeding. Therefore, they are also "idolators" according to the definitive descriptions of what constitutes that sort of "believer".

I also assure you that muslims DO pray the way the last prophet did. They pray in the original language of the prophet (mandatory even for non Arabic speakers). They fast according to the lunar schedule (which was the clock of those times). They make pilgrammage to Mecca, where the last prophet actually worshipped (at the Ka'aba), lived and fought for Allah. When a muslim makes what is called "Haj", they are considered to have "visited the prophet" in his lifetime. A muslim who fails to make Haj (if he is financially able) will be considered to have died in a state of being a non-muslim (polytheist/Christian/Jew/pagan..depending on their actual other practices and beliefs). A poor person however is EXEMPT from this stipulation regarding Pilgrammage. Makes complete sense you know.

I assure you that Mohamed did exist (historically), the facts of his life are not "mythological" and people do follow him and do accept that he is the last prophet sent by the One Creator. I assure you that the failure to accept that is what differentiates the "garden variety" monotheist from an actual Muslim. (For those who are "interested" in Islam and consider themselves somehow "muslim like". You are mistaken. To be a muslim you must accept the last prophet and if you think that "Monotheism" is a good enough philosophical method (tolerance I suppose) that replaces the rather arduous practice of being or becoming a are dreadfully wrong. A muslim is a certain thing with a given description and methodology that Allah has specified clearly. The whole "myth" of a "moderate" Islam is basically the pressure the two main groups (Jews/Christians) have placed on muslims in order to force them to abandon the actual practice of PURE ISLAM (misery loves company and they hope to make muslims fail the way they have failed). Moderate Islam is actually well known and it is codified as Shi'i Islam as Ali abi Taleb (pbuh) is the Imam to suggest the "middle road" which includes things like negotiation and tolerance of the ignorant) .

I also assure you 100% that, Jesus Christ (Isa, A.S.) DID NOT EVER WORSHIP, FAST or WALK, in:


A "pilgrammage" to Rome is nothing more than a pilgrammage to see a King or Queen. No more and no less.

Islam isn't just a "competitor" to other "religions". It is religion itself, comes on a clear and logical authority and is backed not only by reason but by scientific, numerical and philosophical proofs called "Ayat". It is of course, untenable to ANY athiest and identifying one of those isn't always easy. Some of them are hidden to their own selves and practice what we muslims call, "disambiguation" which is a kind of formal denial that has actual social indicators. One of those indicators is a complete aversion to any discussion relating to religion so if that is you, then this discussion is probably not going to make you feel satisfied or warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, this entire blog will make you want to scream. It means you are an athiest whether you know it or not.

"Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures." [Bhagavad Gita 7:20]

The Post Below

Jesus Christ according to Islam:

Event of Mubahila is famous and is known to all Muslims. Islamic scholars are united on the fact that the verse of Mubahila was revealed in regard to the Christian delegation who came from Najran to dispute the issue of Isa Ibn Maryam/Jesus son of Mary (AS) with the Prophet (SAW).

The Prophet (SAW) waited a moment while Gabriel revealed the following to him: "(Say) he was the Spirit of Allah and His Word."

The archbishop then asked: "Can he be a spirit without having a body?"

Again a revelation was sent to the Prophet (SAW) the revelation is as follows: "The similitude of Isa before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: 'Be.' And he was."

When the archbishop heard this, he jumped in objection to the Prophet saying that Isa (A.S.) was created from dust, and said: "Muhammad, We don't find this to be in the Torah, the Bible, or in the Zabour. You are the first one to say this."

This was the moment that the verse of Mubahala was revealed.

If anyone disputes in this matter with thee, now after (full) knowledge hath come to thee, say: 'come! Let us gather together; our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves. Then let us invoke the curse of God on those who lie!' (Holy Quran 3:61)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

The Archbishop said: "O Christians, I surely see faces of men, who if they were to ask Allah to move a mountain, He would surely do it. Do not hold this meeting, or you shall be destroyed and no Christian will remain on Earth until the Day of Resurrection."

The delegation proceeded toward the Messenger and said: "Abu Al-Qasim, relieve us (from this) solemn meeting."

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Libretto for a Female Lead
(from The Book of Warnings)

In the opening scene
the actors address
the Syrian Armed Forces.
During Act III
one of them is tortured
on the third floor of the abandoned building
the Syrians use for recreation.

Before the climax
several audience members
are asked to leave.
During the intermission
the main character ambles
through the occupied building,
talking to herself.

In the farthest room
are wine bottles and a flak jacket,
twisted pieces of old rope
and pictures of half dressed women
from magazines, their nipples
drawn as circles with red ink.

Other rooms have similar items,
pieces of stale bread,
discarded clothing
and cigarette butts.

In the closing scene of Act II
the main character finds faith
in the creator and sustainer
of the entire universe.
The curtains are drawn closed.
The audience cannot see her
but they do hear the muezzin.

During Acts I and IV
the audience is reminded to applaud
at preordained times,
the moments of liberation:
an old theater trick
for audiences who forget their lines..

In the final scene
while the main character
rises into the air
suspended by thin bungee cords,
American soldiers advance
dressed as dancers in full regalia
lifting her spirit
from the refuse of her occupation.
Ticker tape falls from the heavens.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Mysterious Account
of Miriam's (pbuh) Temple Stay

Ah! Ye are those who fell to disputing (Even) in matters of which ye had some knowledge! but why dispute ye in matters of which ye have no knowledge? It is Allah Who knows, and ye who know not! Quran, 3:66

Why is the Sura about the Virgin Mary (Miriam, pbuh) the 19th Sura?

I have often wondered about that. The sura itself is an outright declaration of her role in all of this long winding tale of humanity's most major religious predecessors i.e. the "family" tree of the prophets. It appears that Miriam (the Virgin Mary, pbuh) was sequestered in the Hebrew temple during prepubescence/pubescence to control who would father the prophet that the rabbis were on watch for (it is noted that whenever a prophet was to be born, the Hebrew scholars knew about it as they had certain knowledges which had been handed down through the ages). In the Bible Miriam's 'husband' Joseph iselevated to the status of being from the line of David (Dawood, SAW) ..... but really folks, use your OWN noggins. What significance is he (Joseph,pbuh) if the prophet Jesus (Isa, SAW) is said to have been 'immaculately conceived' (by the Christians and Muslims)? Jews on the other hand, denied Isa (Jesus, SAW) was anything other than "Raboni" or 'teacher'.

Why the discrepancy? This is one major paternity suit if you ask me. It has led to wars, famines, bloodshed and the "creation" of a whole branch of religion not authorized to exist in ANY sacred text: Christianity which more or less falls within the type of fellowship that believes Jesus (a human being) was synonomous with God (although there are exceptions in certain sects like the Copts and Orthodox).

It appears to me that when Miriam (pbuh) was sequestered to isolate her from potential "mates" in the Hebrew temple, it was a means of controlling the lineage of prophets by handpicking the father of her child. Guess what? She turned up pregant even though the only contact she had with anyone at all was the contact she had with the prophet Zachariah (pbuh, the father of St. John the Baptist i.e. Yehye, SAW) who was a short time later into the drama, murdered on the Temple stairs in cold blood. It is interesting to note that when Yehye is mentioned in the Quran, we are told that it is the first time in history that the name "Yehye" was conferred upon any prophet whereas his father's name "Zacharaiah" was a common name amongst prophets and there are at least a half dozen different "Zachariahs" mentioned in the Tanakha (Torah). Why the mention then? What is the importance of the double murder of Zachariah AND Yehye (John the Baptist) in relationship to a unique name i.e. Yehye?

(His prayer was answered): "O Zakariya! We give thee good news of a son: His name shall be Yahya: on none by that name have We conferred distinction before."

That fact and the placement of Miriam at "19" is a means of indicating the importance of this particular story in a canon (Tanakh, Injeel, Zabur, Quran) which contains thousands of personal dramas. This ONE drama in particular has an importance beyond any drama in any sacred text and as well, it is only the Quran that gives you these incredibly important and MISSING details which are found no where else. Were these details cleansed from what we call "the Bible"? No one knows really but I assure, these are the missing pieces in the modern drama called "religion".

But the sects differ among themselves: and woe to the unbelievers because of the (coming) Judgment of a Momentous Day!

The manner (per Quran) in which Miriam was "assigned" a protector is notably significant in that the Quran tells us that the rabbis "drew straws" for her once she was assigned to stay sequestered in the temple. It isn't clear whether that means literally drawing straws for her as a means for sequestering the right of fathering a child with her or simply as a means of assigning a "protector" for her from potential 'less than satisfactory' Hebrew suitors NOT of the known royal/divine lineage i.e. David/Solomon. In any event, it was Zachariah (murdered later per Bible lore) that pulled the odd straw which deemed him her "guardian". In the Quran we are told that Zachariah discovered Miriam in her room and that she has been supplied with food from somewhere . Because he is the only one (theoretically) in contact with her personally he questions from where she obtained the food to which she answered, "it is from Allah." Details regarding Miriam are also found elsewhere in the Quran but in particular in the fourth Sura called the Family of Imran (her father who was of known prophetic lineage but not of the direct lineage of David/Solomon).

The case of Miriam and her son Isa (Jesus, SAW) was the first time in Hebrew i.e. Torah history that a MAJOR prophet was born without a direct paternal lineage to the Hebrew prophets of David and Solomon (SAW). Perhaps this is the reason the Jews do not give Isa his "due" and the reason Christians remain so confused regarding his role in the astounding tale of religious and moral human history. Certainly it is the reason the "authors" of the Bible construct a lineage for Joseph without a logical reason to do so.

But why is her Sura given this most important place in the Quran at a position of 19?

It is because this is what divides the "believers" now? The ideas surrounding the birth and attempted assassignation of the next to last prophet is THE problem of modernity and modern religions. It is referred to in the Quran as "The Lie*".

Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous!

At it the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin,

That they should invoke a son for (Allah) Most Gracious.

This is the significance (at least one of them) of the numerical order of the Sura "Miriam", i.e. Sura number 19:

*Note: It is "illegal" for me to deliver facts that are not actually mentioned directly in the Quran. In this case, the reason for the "drawing of straws" is not given but we are allowed to deduce a few facts from this detail. Using one's logic to do this is called Ijtihad. This applies also to the mention of "The Lie". The Lie is mentioned but not in the sense that the Quran reveals "THIS is the Lie". There is however no other thing in my estimation that constitutes such a weighty predicament for all believers of any stripe and relegates it to the status of being something that establishes a "fact" when in fact, the whole case of prophets and the three major contenders centers around this extremely important misconception regarding Jesus Christ i.e. Isa (SAW).

**Using citations such as "pbuh" or "SAW" is a means of giving respect to notable persons (pbuh) and prophets (SAW) and a means of distinguishing one from the other. For instance, Yehye was a prophet and is noted by using SAW after his name whereas Miriam is not a prophet but a person who is given recognition of her role by wishing "peace be upon her" whenever writing her name. Unlike other believers who mock prophets in the media, muslims are required to note the respect they have for these important historical figures.

***The word derives from the Arabic verbal root jahada "struggle", the same root as that of jihad; the is inserted because the word is a derived stem VIII verb. The common etymology is worth noting, as both words touch on the concepts of struggle or effort. In the case of form VIII verbs, this means to "struggle with oneself", as through deep thought. Ittihad is a method of legal reasoning that does not rely on the traditional schools of jurisprudence, or madhabs.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Teaching Islam To Nonbelievers

The Abundance (Kawther)

To thee have We granted the Fount (of Abundance).

Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice.

For he who hateth thee, he will be cut off (from Future Hope).

I have been leading a series of lectures in Bisbee for nearly seven weeks now. My goal was to dispel some of the misconceptions people have about Islam. I also stated that my goal was not to "convert" the students in my lecture series but in that, I know that Islam itself is a system of Allah choosing whom Allah will and if something I say to my students leads them to further investigation and 'conversion', then so be it, the seed of belief was already in them, the notorious MUSTARD SEED. I told them early on about what my bias is and asked them to consider their own. My bias is that I do believe the Quran is the Word of Allah and nothing less, that I take it LITERALLY and I did my best to relate to them the logic of that. The logic of that is based in the Arabic language as the transmission mode of what the Quran refers to as "the communications" of Allah or "Our communications" as it is worded verbatim in the text.

What I've found is that the American society is far away from belief. It is far astray in terms that most people have a very, very difficult time conceiving of a Creator let alone the Angels and the Djinn. I have been really challenged over the weeks by my students because they can become irritated at what it is I have to say. They apparently do not understand that I am not the one saying it....Allah is the one saying the Quran and those communications follow a distinct logic. The problem however with my students overall (with the exception of the believers in the group) is that the unbelievers (athiests and so called "agnostics") is that they possess the FIRST BIAS. The First Bias as I like to call it is that they do not believe in Allah or God (whatever word you choose to use). The first thing a person needs to UNDERSTAND the logic of the Quran is this simple belief and it is contained in the Shehada which is the statement of "WITNESS" a person makes when actually accepting/embracing Islam as a way of life:

"There is only one 'ilah (ALLAH) and he has no sons and no partners and his messenger and prophet is Mohamed". What distinguishes a monotheist from a muslim is the second part of that statement i.e. that Mohamed (SAW) is the messenger and prophet of Allah. It is also what distinguishes other "types" of believers i.e. Christians/Jews/Others from muslims. A muslim is a DISTINCT type of believer but not one that ignores the existence of other types which never accepted the communications i.e. the QURAN and accepted it as the actual word of Allah. Let alone what distinguishes a Jew from all other types of believers that accepted the next to last prophet, Jesus (Isa, SAW) and hence, they are the focus of much of Allah's attention in the Quran as complete and serial rejectors of the prophets (which originated in their demonstrable genetic line). Due to the fact that Allah "chose" them above all others (Allah chooses whom Allah will) then they are in a very serious bind when it comes to the communications. Not from me but from Allah.

My group of students is composed of one fundamentalist Christian (and anti Arab believer - a teacher from the high school), one non practicing Jew (who is very Jewish in an ethnic sense but not a religious one), one woman who desires to accept Islam, another woman who is "Islam" friendly and inquisitive, a man who has never declared to be anything really but seems to want to be something, and yet another who seems to be interested in Islam from either a historical perspective or simply one for entertainment's sake and last but not least, a Canook who left a fundamentalist background for a "universalist" one but cannot conceive of the linkage between science (nature) and religion let alone politics and the all encompassing view Islam has of humanity and the societies in which we exist in together.

Out of all the lectures I have given, it was the last one that provided for me the biggest challenge overall. It was the lecture that questions what the Quran has to say about genetics versus what Darwin had to say and how Darwin's view has become obsolete even to non believing laboratory scientists. It is the case that Darwinism and all of it that Darwinism entails as a basis for societal/political practices has caused most of the disruption in the "God Beliefs" of people in Western society in my opionion and in the opinion of the Turkish muslim philosopher, Harun Yehye. In fact, I was not in agreement with the manner in which Yehye promotes "anti Darwinism" but now that I have seen it up close and personal, I am a believer in Anti Darwinism. That is because Darwinism is taught as a 'religion' in the sense that it cannot be questioned and to question it is to become an "apostate" (kafir in Islamic terminology) to this Western society. Nothing that I can see has caused greater damage to the souls of humanity.

So when one of my students was confronted with my Darwinian challenges he asked, "So, you (muslims) do not believe in evolution?"

How can a person answer that? It isn't that muslims do not believe in evolution "per se" but is evolution really understood by the people who believe in it? Any more than Islam is understood by everyone who believes in that as well?

NO. It isn't. People seem to have confused the two things: Evolution and Adaptation.

Two different things entirely. Evolution is the COMPLETE change of one species into another regardless of the time span required for such a change. For example, evolutionists have promoted the idea that fish somehow turned completely into birds. This is truly laughable when you think about the steps required for fish to transform into land going beasts let alone, sky going and non water filtering respiratory creatures who build nests instead of deposit eggs on underwater grasses or by simply depositing them for the currents to carry this way and that. Forget the fact that fish had to learn to sit on their eggs and completely ignore that fish are COLD BLOODED and birds are WARM BLOODED. And why then are there still fish since we know that for things to evolve it is due to the EXTREME force exerted by the NEED to adapt to varying environmental changes? The list of rhetorical questions that refute the ludicrous concept of absolute evolution are quite long and I won't go into to them now. Hopefully, I wouldn't need to as people have brains and ought to investigate ALL of their beliefs (not just the ones they like either).

Adaptation though, is another matter altogether. Islam puts forth the argument that all body plans were initially created but Islam does not negate that those types of things experienced progress and vascillation through "stages" and sometimes were changed by complete changes (human beings) but that all human beings are of the same type (NOT apes/monkeys) but of different RACES which are now extinct. We humans tend to not think we are like the Dodo bird and can experience RACIAL/SPECIES SPECIFIC extinctions that are the results of the deleterious effects of HUMAN BEHAVIOR. Western systems tend to think that kind of thinking is "for the birds". Heh.

For instance, homoerectus whateveris (to paraphrase the lineages of bones discovered by the Leakey's, were simply like Eskimoes. And we know for a fact that these types of small indigenous cultures from the Aborigines to the Apaches...are at risk for not only "social" extinction but actual "genetic" extinction through intermarriage, language and social deterioration and disease (as would be the case with the serious genetic mishaps on the Arabian Peninsula where first cousin marriages are the norm and have known detrimental effects on the offspring of those individuals in terms of increasing the morbidity and mortality of specific populations i.e. Saudis the best example of that that I know of).

In a nutshell, it has become clear to me what was not clear before. The Quran states that most people will not "believe" and it is true. Most will not because most cannot as they have been given a serious handicap in their thinking by a significantly huge number of DARWIN FANATICS. Most people will not believe without the intervening periods of vast social change like the one we are experiencing now in which humans are forced (as the Quran states: willingly or unwillingly) to face the seriousness of following a certain set of dictates NOT of human origin but of DIVINE origin.

It does beg the question, "What about the Jews then?" Are we responsible for what becomes of their small "indigenous" tribe in light of the idea that Islam relates that we all originate from the same two persons, Adam and Eve (Huwa, pbut) and in all actuality are all of one species and Allah gives everyone free will to choose "his way or the highway"? That is the question and if I was a Jew or any other type of actual "rejector" then I'd be investigating very seriously what Allah has said his plan is for those who disagree with his words. I'd be what you call, "motivated". It has bothered me for some time that Christians who supposedly believe in "God" would ignore ANYTHING God might have said. I ask them, "If you knew God left a message under that rock over there, wouldn't you want to go see what it said? Wouldn't you be overwhelmed with love for God and a desire to understand his plan and turn that rock over?" That one causes most Christian believers to tremble a little in stupification of their own "ignorance" as in ignoring something very, very important to them.

As for the unbelievers and the arrogant, who cares really what becomes of them. I certainly don't and have no control over it.

How to get people to see the logic of this thing called Islam? Well, Allah knew that was not only difficult but a job for Allah only. And that is why Sura "one-o-nine" was revealed to us as muslims:

The Disbelievers (Kafr)

Say : O ye that reject Faith!

I worship not that which ye worship,

Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,

Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

To you be your Way, and to me mine.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sura called Time

Has there not been over Man a long period of Time, when he was nothing - (not even) mentioned?

It is We Who created them, and We have made their joints strong; but, when We will, We can substitute the like of them by a complete change.

"It is a striking, but not much mentioned fact that, though geneticists have been breeding fruit-flies for sixty years or more in labs all round the world- flies which produce a new generation every eleven days-they have never yet seen the emergence of a new species or even a new enzyme."21

Although an almost incomprehensible number of species inhabit Earth today, they do not form a continuous spectrum of barely distinguishable intermediates. Instead, nearly all species can be recognized as belonging to a relatively limited number of clearly distinct major groups, with very few illustrating intermediate structures or ways of life. ( Robert L. Carroll, Patterns and Processes of Vertebrate Evolution, Cambridge University Press, 1997)

If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking most closely all of the species of the same group together must assuredly have existed... Consequently evidence of their former existence could be found only amongst fossil remains.(Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species: A Facsimile of the First Edition, Harvard University Press, 1964, p. 179)

And be careful for those Moby Bears:

"I can see no difficulty in a race of bears being rendered, by natural selection, more and more aquatic in their structure and habits, with larger and larger mouths, till a creature was produced as monstrous as a whale" - Charles Darwin, The Origin of Humor, er, Species.

Sura Ya Sin, 36

Glory be to the One, who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as themselves, and other things they do not know.

The Arabic word “azvaj” is the plural of “zavj” meaning “pairs,” “matches,” “partners.” There are three sorts of pairs in the Creation as described in the verse:

a- Pairs that grow from the earth, i.e., plants that have species of differentiated sex;
b- Human pairs, males and females. Also some included human characteristics like bravery / cowardice; love / hate; generosity / stinginess, etc.
c- Pairs unknown: men did not know anything about the creation in pairs at the time of the descent of the Quran. In this section we shall be dealing with the latter in particular.

Sura Yunus

Say: "Of your 'partners', can any originate creation and repeat it?" Say: "It is Allah Who originates creation and repeats it: then how are ye deluded away (from the truth)?"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sad. I find it entertaining to hear that some gringos think that the war started after 9/11. The war on muslims has been going on for over fifty years in Israel. This is just a little flare up and what a flare up it is to have revealed that the American culture is a bust.